Who are we?

Oud Elite launched its business from Riyadh in 2007 with a creative vision based on science and experience in the fields of perfumes. This accelerated the pace of expansion in all Saudi regions and then capitals of the Arab Gulf countries. It reached now 340 branches offering the finest original perfumes, and did not ignore the importance of its factory, which is specialized in producing world-class perfumes. And with every new fragrance, our customers are becoming more confident and more ambitious.


Professionalism and Innovation

As we launch this national investment platform, which started from Riyadh, the capital of the global economy, we would like to assure you of the size of the perfume industry in Saudi Arabia, and how we have committed a great demand for our products to launch hundreds of branches in the Kingdom and GCC, Which is a confirmation of the capabilities of Oud Elite team, who were able to complete the work in a literal and innovative so that the company is up and running, since 2007 until now the number of branches became 340 branches, offering the finest perfumes, and providing them the products wherever they are, and reflect the senior management Scientific strategy and approaches, and trending to support the national economy.


Our Vision

The beauty of the fragrance and its effect depends on its ability to infiltrate the emotions and satisfy them with satisfaction and joy, so we pursue every new and perfumed its aromatic content from its natural sources, and we rely on modern techniques for the preparation of perfumes, each perfume carries a unique and gives you the momentum and energy of the beauty with your choices in oud elite to discover the moment, it leaves you lasting impressions in the place, and wherever you go, radiate your soul with joy and pleasure of self.


Our Mission

Your unique fragrance is presented in Oud Elite as we have prepared it to suit you, only .. A visit to one of our extended branches in the Kingdom and GCC puts you in front of choices from the worlds of luxury and beauty. It will remain as your destiny for those around you. with us you will remain loyal customer and we will do our best to let you enjoy Our Fragrances.


Creativity and Uniqueness

The investment expansions of Oud Elite in a few years reveal the amount of experience and creativity that the qualified team work have done in the implementation of the work. We have already done the time to provide wonderful taste, that make the difference and provide the difficult equation. That is why Oud Elite has become a prestigious brand, rich in diversity and uniqueness.


Your needs and more

A big world is the fragrance, but you can distinguish between perfume and another, one attracts you, and simply expresses your choice. Surely, this choice, based on "sense of smell" and bias, has creative potentials in the fragrance industry, and how your "perfume" Positive, fill your feelings with satisfaction, happiness and confidence, and how to make you have a pleasant impact on those around you, we at Oud Elite work on small details to complete the spark, and radiate the positive energy around you.


Perfumes shine on the podium

Oud Elite has been able to take this creative thought and its deliberate strategy in preparing a wide range of premium perfumes, which have received the appreciation and passion of the customers. The most popular 100 brands in 2014, the same award in 2015 at the level of the Kingdom, the Best Oriental Perfume Award at the Perfume Oscar Festival for (Oud Mood) in 2014, and two awards at the Perfume Oscar Festival in 2015, (Mashaeir) for the best Arabic perfume by the public vote, And the fragrance (Canoe) as the best Arab perfume by the vote of the jury. In addition, Oud Elite won two awards at the Oscar Perfume Festival in 2016 for its Perfumes (Pure Black Gold) and (Layali), (Pure Black Gold) was awarded as the most popular Arab perfume award, However (Layali) perfume won the Arabian Women's Favorite Perfume Award. In 2017, the most recent awards were awarded to (Rose Noir) and (Couture) for the "Perfume Oscar 2017", one of the most prestigious awards for innovation and excellence in the perfume industry. And the festival held at Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the most prominent event locally and internationally.


A fragrance for your presence feat .. What magnificence you choose

Each fragrance has a story, and Oud Elite gives you a combination of smells and perfumes that satisfy all feelings. It has been installed and manufactured by senior experts.


Our Products

Oud Elite customer satisfaction not an easy work, We have always sought to modernize and develop the world of perfumes at the international and local brands. You will have a selection of the most luxurious perfumes to suit the tastes of Oud Elite lovers.


We are with you wherever you are

Oud Elite is keen to share its customers, their joys and celebrate all the occasions, and to be with them always to feel the fragrance of their perfume wherever they are, and from this point of view we launch on every occasion, offers and discounts on all perfumes .. The company wishes its customers a happy year full of joys and happy occasions, And promises to be with the fragrances of Oud Elite more present and beautiful.


Excellence and Creativity

The leadership achieved by Oud Elite has been based on a number of fundamentals and axes, the most important of which is to bring international expertise and provide the most distinguished products with the latest international methods in the perfumes processing, in addition to studying the Gulf market and identifying customers' desires and tastes. In a Gulf country, we have been forced by customer confidence for more openings and more attendance so that our presence map includes these regions and countries in the Gulf region.


Expansion Map

In the year of establishment, we opened 13 branches in Jeddah, Al-Baha, Jizan and Madinah, then 11 branches in 2008. In 2009, 23 branches were opened, including other areas including Makkah, Abha, Khamis, Dammam, Tabuk, Qassim, Khobar, Al-Ahsa and Taif, and a branch in Kuwait. In 2010, Oud Elite "has 26 branches to confirm its arrival to its customers in all regions of the Kingdom. In 2011, Bisha, Skaka and Arar joined, followed by 21 new branches. The expansion map in 2012 included 24 branches including UAE, Oman and Qatar. The top attendance in 2014 was 77 new branches and 48 branches in 2015 to confirm our strong presence near our customers in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf. In 2016, We have opened 15 branches to join Oud Elite convoys to complement our achievements. Our record is a success, and the openings extend according to this geographic expansion map to reach 340 branches by 2018.