AlNokhba Partners Program

Our Dear Customer

Oud Elite has the honor to launch the Elite Partners Program (AlNokhba Partners) as a start to a new shopping phase and it is a symbol of loyalty to our valued customers.
To register for the Elite Partners Program, you are invited to visit the nearest Oud Elite branch or register through our online store:


What is the Elite Partners Program?

It is a rewards program that gives registered customers discounts and special offers at certain times.


Benefits will gained by the members of Elite Partners Program:

  • The customer will receive a special discount that is permanent outside the offer periods
  • The customer receives 5% of his/her total purchases in a form of points. These points can be redeemed as free purchases.
  • The customer can get benefit from these earned points: after 24 hours from the date of the purchasing process (In case of purchase from the branch), OR after receiving the shipment (In case of purchase from the online store)


How is the points calculation:

  • Earn your points at any time through any of Oud Elite branches and/or online store
  • The customer gets 5 points for every spent 100 SAR of purchases
  • The customer is entitled to take the advantage of redeeming points in the event of reaching 50 points or multiples, (Ex.: 50 points, 100 point, 150 points ...... and so on)
  • The customer is entitled to pay part of the invoice by redeeming the acquired points and pay the rest of the invoice in cash
  • Validity of earned points is (12 months) from the date of adding points


Steps of redeeming points:

If the customer wishes to benefit from the points he has acquired, all what he can do is to give the seller, the verification code that will reach the customer on his/her registered mobile number in the program.


Product Returns:

If the customer wishes to return the product, there are two cases:

First Case:

When the customer purchasing our products, and the decided to return a product. Here, all the points gained when buying the returned product will be deducted.

Second Case:

When the customer redeemed his own points to get a specific product and aftwerwards decided to return this product. Here, all the deducted points from him when buying this product will be returned back to his balance.


Important Note:

Customer is not entitled to redeem points in cash.


(Customer data and privacy are treated in strict confidentiality)